Three-In-One Embroidery Machine EL-912

Various models and specifications, all-round taping embroidery solution Diversified embroidery style combined, product quality improved
Thanks to SINOJO’s advanced driving curve arithmetic, lockstitch, sequin, coiling, Z1-Z6 embroidery and other mixed-style embroideries can be achieved Complete embroidery styles, industry’s leader It could change cording and coiling presser foot quickly, and adopt all kinds of cording and coiling belt at all sizes.

Cording and coiling belt embroidering is with new design and uneasy to skipping and crinkling caused by crude belt and cord. Separate heads choosing function could change chain seam heads and flat embroidery head automatically, and save time a lot.

Auto meedle height adjustment mechanism, could do best embroidery effect according to designs, adjust suitable needle height manually or automatically(10 grade).

With 10 inch color LCD display, easy to operate.
Easy to perform coiling, taping, cording embroidery optional.
With auto-mending embroidery function, running at higher speed, performance is stable and with lower noise.
Thread breakage detecting and recovered after power off. 

6/9/12 8+8 500*650 500*250 5230 1920 1510 2600
6\9\12 10+10 500*650 500*250 6230 1920 1510 3200
6\9\12 12+12 500*650 500*250 7230 1920 1510 3800
6\9\12 15+15 500*650 500*250 8830 1920 1510 4500
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