Floss-Planting Embroidery Machine EL-906

Floss-planting embroidery machine, with firm thread showing in the embroidery product, with soft hand-touch sense and rich in flexibility, with strong third-dimension sense. Embroidery product could adjust length easily according to different designing style, suitable to many fields, like garments, house-use textile product and craftwork product. The machine use Korea first-class computer control technology, all action and function will be performed through the computer-control and motor, with more reasonable construction.

1. Mechanism design is simple and reasonable, which made assembly adjustment and maintenance more convenient.
2. No need for some parts like cam and gear, with low noise level, high speed and strong wearable ability.
3. No need for lower bearing mechanism driver, each head is controlled by independent computer control and motor to ensure the precision and stability during the machine running. (With patent)

Outfit Outfit:

- Main motor: Panasonic Servo motor
- Computer control: Dahao 5 inch or 10 inch color LCD
- Auto-trimmer, with bottom line inspection, 3 phase subdivision driver, linear rail, Max speed 850 rpm, Each head equipped with IC board. 

6\9\12 2 400*450 400 1600 1100 950 300
6\9\12 4 400*450 400 2650 1150 950 550
6\9\12 6 400*450 400 3440 1150 950 880


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